Mastering All Your Employment Needs

Masterstaff, Inc. makes your employment problems feel like a walk on the beach. Whatever the logistics of your employment needs, our consultants are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and are trained to handle your staffing nightmares from start to finish. So don’t work harder - work smarter.

Accounting & Finance: Some financial professionals can take the science of finance and accounting and turn it into an art. MasterStaff is constantly looking for the talent with the experience, professionalism and knowledge to take your business to the next level.

Engineering & Logistics Management: When it comes to engineering and logistics, your company needs more than an employee. You need an expert. We place dozens of engineering specialist with companies perfect for their skills.

Human Resources: This is our expertise and we know how to find the right professional for a variety of HR positions. They are experts in managing staffs of any size so that everyone benefits.

Technology: Finding the right IT professional, with their finger on the pulse of the industry, can put you light years in front of your competitor.

Sales & Marketing: Interpersonal skills, communication, attitude, we find sales and marketing people that can get your message to the consumer on the front lines of your business.

We provide screening, testing, employment analysis, mass hiring, recruiting, customized reports, as well as innovative, cost-reducing ways to recruit and retain employees. Whether it’s temporary or full-time, our proven techniques can be customized to service your needs. From industrial, to executive, or even management placement, we put the right people in the right jobs. Hire MasterStaff and let us work hard for you.